As a Festival or EDM photographer you're responsible for the visual memories of a festival/event. The festival is most of the time just only one day. So you need to capture the right moments, special effects, details worked on for months, lovely people hopping around. Because the team will need all the best visuals to promote the festival the upcoming year for the next edition. So it's actually a big responsible job to do. That's why most of the (bigger) festivals work in teams as well ofcourse, it's not always an one man job. 

Nowadays there are a lot of festivals to choose from, twenty years ago there was almost none. In the future this trend will definitely develop any further. There will be more and more festivals and people need to make choices because they can't visit that much festivals anymore. 

So it's definitely in the festival's best interest to stand out and attract that potential visitors. 90% of todays festival go-ers will find their next destination via social media or related channels. By creating the best possible visual memories like photos and video you'll get the attention your festival of event needs. 

Feel free to have a chat about the possibilities or feel free to check out my recent work.